Since 1974 Ambertrail Reg'd has been dedicated to Golden Retriever "breed" commitment.  Although we have proven our breeding program in every area of competition, we feel strongly that our fundamental responsibility is in providing "friendly, intelligent and healthy pets" to our clients. This is a priority with us.

A significant area of interest to us here at "Ambertrail Reg'd" is in the "Retriever" part of the "Golden Retriever." We feel that, Golden Retrievers with a strong desire to retrieve, and more specifically, Goldens bred from proven field/hunting bloodlines make ideal family pets as well as successful hunting/field competitors.

Ambertrail Reg'd believes that in order to truly develop and maintain the integrity of the Golden Retriever in our breeding program, that we must keep the "Primary Purpose" of the Golden Retriever in mind.

General h ealth of the dogs used in our breeding program is as important to us as the required hip and eye clearances. Our Golden Retriever puppies are sold with a two-year warranty and written  contract. Also part of the package are copies of the 4-generation pedigree and clearances of parents. Canadian Kennel Club registration of individual puppies is the responsibility of us, the breeders, to have processed. The puppies are dewormed. Puppies are examined and vaccinations given by our veterinarian before leaving. We also send home with our clients information on "Raising Your Puppy the Ambertrail Way."