Allie X Push
Born September 17th, 2003

4.5 Weeks
Click here to download a short video titled
"well socialized with cats"


Puppy? Pile

Play time!

Two girls

Ya wanna talk different "type" in a litter?

A mouth just about big enough for a goose!

Feeding time at the zoo - take a head (or tail) count
....suddenly it's a litter of 11?

Hey - new toys!
Darn, now everyone knows about them!

I've got mine :)

Practising the metal scent article....

Hey look..I fit in here!

And it's pretty darn comfy too!

Just too darn cute :)

Hey Carol - can you spot yours?

Here's a close-up - just in case you couldn't spot him
...please note, he loves his ducks!

Kitties make perfect pillows!

Just too darn tired!

The most handsome guy

Like two peas in a pod