Allie X Push
Born September 17th, 2003

Day 3-4

Allie and the crew - Day 3

Everyone to the bar - Day 3

Pssst, Mom, they're picking on me!

There's got to be one in every crowd! (Carol -  I think that's your puppy!)

Ahhhhhh...what else can we say?

Fat bellies make great pillows!

The Girls - Day 3

The Boys - Day 3

Hey Dad, great present...but don't you think it's a little big?
(Push's prize from the Buckeye Field Trial, 3rd Place in Qualifying)

You were always number 1 with us Dad! (The Girls)
(Push's 1st Place Ribbon from the GRCA National Qualifying Stake)

Cookie tin nothin'!  We fit in here just perfect! (The Girls)
(Push's 1st place prize from the GRCA National Qualifying Stake)

The Boys spillith over!

Hey guys, look, I brought you a new toy!  Day 4

Puppy Pile - Day 4