Guidelines for Ambertrail Training Ground Guests

1) Check in at the house, before going out into the fields.

2) Be sure to check the Notice Board in the barn for new information and/or instruction before going out to train.

3) Respect each others training space.  Do not enter a training area if someone is already there and especially if someone is running a dog.  Wait for a signal from the handler on line, before driving or walking into the vision of either handler or working dog.

4) Respect each others dog work.  If someone is training in the drill fields and using their whistles, do not start blowing your whistle if you are within hearing distance of the working dog.  Move to another area.

5) Do not leave garbage behind.  No cans, bags, or other debris.  Take it home with you.

6) If you see anything on the ground that should not be there, pick it up.  The objective on these grounds is to maintain a safe environment for both dogs and people.

7) After working in an area, be sure to pick up all of your training equipment.  Go out to the gunner and blind stations and make sure all dummies, birds and blind markers are removed. Pick up decoys and put them back in their place.

8) Count your dummies and birds before and after training to make sure that you have not left any behind. If you lose birds or bumpers, report the loss at the house and on the Bulletin Board in the barn,  so others can look out for them.

9) When using canoes, make sure to return them to their parking area and turn them over with the paddle(s) under.

10) Discard used birds in the designated areas only, do not throw them in the bush!

11) Park vehicles in a way so that other vehicles can pass.

12) The use of live ammunition is not permitted on the grounds without permission.  Each time live ammunition is to be used you must request permission and identify the location you wish to use the ammunition, the direction of the discharge and the name(s) of the person(s) firing the gun.

13) Maintain control over your dogs at all times!!!

Happy Training!


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